You got sick with Colitis or Crohn’s? You can blame your disease on this

July 29, 2011

At last, I see a scientific confirmation of my over 20-year-old theory: Colitis and Crohn’s can be caused by bacterial infection.

It is known that Mycobacterium avium, subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) causes intestinal disease in dairy cows. The same bacteria MAP has been found in patients with Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. In one study, scientists have found Mycobacterium avium complex in intestinal tissues of 60 % Crohn’s patients and in 40% Ulcerative colitis patients.

So, how can you get infected with this MAP bacteria?
There are 2 possible sources for MAP infection:
• Water
• Manure of infected Cows & Milk

A family living in part of Germany with water “poorly controlled hygienically” was reviewed. After 6 months moving to this area of Germany, mother developed ulcerative colitis and her 2 kids developed Crohn’s disease few years later. Normal water filtration and chlorination does not kill MAP bacteria.

“MAP is excreted in infected animal’s feces and secreted in its milk.” Furthermore, European studies show that up to 20% of pasteurized milk sold in supermarkets contain MAP bacteria.
People usually assume that drinking pasteurized milk is safe. But what most of us do not know that pasteurization usually uses temperature well below boiling point. So, milk is heated to only 71.7 degrees C (161 degrees F) for 20 seconds, which often does not kill bacteria.

So, after we learned that MAP bacteria is one of the possible causes of Colitis and Crohns, how can we prevent contracting MAP infection?
The answer is simple. Boil for few minutes both drinking water and milk, even pasteurized milk.
And for those who are already inflicted with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s, and tested positive for MAP, talk to your doctor about the course of antibiotics designed to remove MAP from your body. Here is additional information from Human Para Foundation about treatment of IBD using anti-MAP therapy.

References: GUT Pathology Journal 2010

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  1. I have been suffering the torture of Crohns Diseasefor 48 years, I have spent my life savings on supplements, etc trying to eliminate this horrendous condition.

    I would be most interested to learn more about your method of eliminating this condition.

    Kind regards,

    Carmen Spence

  2. Hi Carmen,
    I understand your pain and long-term suffering with Crohn’s. I was a patient with IBD myself for almost 20 years. I spend all my life savings on developing very effective IBD Healing Program, which involves 3 stages of gut healing for patients with Crohn’s and Colitis. First Stage: Elimination. Second Stage: Intestinal lining healing. Third Stage: Replace and Maintain. In this program I use 3 products: 1. Colon Defense Formula, 2. Intestinal Comfort Tea, 3. Medicinal Clay.

  3. Hello Liz,
    The bacteria is cultured from the patient’s blood. The studies suggest that antibiotic therapy could be beneficial if bacteria is identified. In my practice, I use 2 very potent natural products for elimination of bacteria, yeast and parasites for my patients with Colitis and Crohn’s. The first product is called Colon Defense Formula, the second product is Medicinal Clay.

  4. My dear sister in law is only 22 and has been hospitalized for her crohns disease many times, removing dead bowel, removing blockages, etc. She is scared to eat, doctors say she can’t have any fiber. So here’s my question, do you recommend juice fasting for her and do juiced fruits contain any fiber? Also, what parasites and where do we get them?

  5. Hi Galina:

    I was just diagnosed (officially) with IBS with constipation. I’m 3.5 weeks into the flare up but after reading all of the comments, I’m one of the lucky ones in that I’ve only had 3 flare ups since last fall.

    In February 2009, I had gastric band surgery and am still learning to CHEW CHEW CHEW. I’ve been taking Bentyl for 2 weeks now and a daily stool softener. My only vice is coffee and an occasionally alchoholic beverage (Beer or straight vodka) which I’ve given up for now.

    Six months ago, I starting taking a dissolvable soluable fiber supplement (Benefiber) but have had a lot of stress lately.

    So, I have two questions: I eat alot of salad and raw veggies normally which I’ve given up. That said, I’d like to reintroduce berries, am already eating applesauce and pears, and would like to try more fruit. Is is a trial and error situation or are there some fruits/veggies I should avoid totally?

    Lucky for me, I’ve always drank alot of water which I know, is my friend.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thanks, Susan

  6. Hello, Marti,
    I cannot make any specific recommendation for your sister since I do not know her full medical history. However, in general short juice fasting is useful for gut healing and detoxification. Juiced fruits do not have fiber. I usually do not recommend juiced fruits due to a high fructose content which can trigger bloating and fermentation in a sickly gut.
    As for parasites… Of the top of my head, I can identify 3 main sources for humans to get infected with parasites:
    1. Contaminated water (even chlorinated that you get from your kitchen faucet)
    2. Contaminated food (fresh fruits/veggies, insufficiently cooked pork, beef, chicken and fish; salad bars)
    3. Our pets (cats, dogs and birds) carry number of parasites. So, avoid kissing your pet and sleeping with your pet in your bed.

    Because in our normal daily living we tend to pick up parasites all the time, I recommend a product called “Colon Defense Formula” to be used periodically for humans and pets for elimination of possible parasitic infections.
    For additional up to date information you can subscribe to our free newsletter at

  7. Hi Susan,
    You got one thing right is to chew, chew, chew especially when you have IBS and post gastric surgery. As for a soluble fiber, you can do much better with just plain psyllium husk. If I would be you, I would stop taking Benefiber. Here is the list of ingredients for Benefiber: main Ingredient: Wheat dextrin, which is made from wheat starch, so it may contain some gluten. Plus orange flavor benefiber has some ingredients such as milk lactose and artificial colors #6 & #40, which can both create problems for people with IBS.
    * Benefiber Orange also conatains Wheat dextrin, citric acid, natural orange flavor, potassium citrate, aspartame, gum acacia, acesulfame potassium, maltodextrin, lactose (milk), triglycerides, sucrose acetate isobutyrate (adds a trivial amount of sugar), modified cornstarch, yellow 6, red 40
    To answer your questions on fruits/veggies please read my blog post below:
    Good Luck,
    P.S. Stay tuned for IBS Healing Manual

  8. Hi Galina!

    I was looking for juicing recipes and found your site and I find it very informative. I have had Crohn`s Colitis since 1997 with moderate flare ups over the years. I have not had surgery. Lately I have been strugging with a flare up and I had a colonoscopy last week and my colon is still quite inflamed. My doctor wants to change my medication from Imuran to one of the new injection drugs. I am not comfortable with the side effects and long term possibilities of these medications. I wonder is there anyone out there who got off the drugs and lives a healthy life now? I also want to know if I should completely avoid wheat and dairy. The doctors don’t know anything about diet and they just want to prescribe more drugs. I feel that there has to be a better way to heal my flare ups. I normally eat quite healthy and try to get omega 3 into my diet. I avoid processed foods and try to eat whole foods. Since reading your information I am making more carrot juice and am going to try cabbage juice. I also take probiotics daily. If you have any suggestions for me I would love to hear them. Thanks, Johna

  9. Hi Johna,
    I am glad to hear that you find my site very informative. You are doing the right thing by trying to live a healthy life, and looking beyond just medication for UC/CD. If you are struggling with a flare now, I would for sure avoid wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol and artificial flavors/preservatives. Because I suffered like you for 20 years, I made a purpose of my life to help people with IBD to get well naturally.
    That is why I developed Colitis Healing Program, which I use for my patients with great success.

    Here is a comment from one of my patients after Colitis Healing Program:

    After being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 10 years ago and subsequently spending lots of time in hospitals and consultants rooms taking various medications, I was eager to find an alternative to managing this debilitating condition. Over the years, I learnt a lot, improved somewhat and was able to maintain a better level of health overall. However, I still required hospitalization for my symptoms at various intervals and at the least had 2-3 flare ups per year requiring prednisone and sometimes stronger drugs. It was two years ago that I came across your site and your program and immediately booked a consultation. Two years later I owe my health to you Galina and your program – I feel the best I’ve felt ever, full of energy, at a healthy weight, confident for the future and stable in my health. Moreover, you have taught me so much that I know will allow me to stay healthy into the future and manage this condition well. After years I’ve spent researching this condition and how to manage it and the countless hours, days, and months experimenting with different treatments, I made more progress under your program (and your care and guidance) than with anything else. Your knowledge is second to none, your manner comforting, and your advice and treatment plan spot on!

    Thank you Galina!


    For your convenience, here is the link to my consultation page:

  10. I have had UC for 4 years now. I am 21 and in college. Please check out my blog at I would love it if you also did a guest post on my blog. You are very informative. You can email me at

  11. Hi Galina,
    Just found this site today and love it already. I have been struggling with chronic pelvic pain for about 15 years, and I am only 34. I have seen several doctors over the years both GI specialists and OBGYN/Fertility specicialists that have both pointed my pain at the other, never giving me any kind of direct help other than you have unexplained pain. Last year I was hospitalized for five days because of C-Diff from a very potent antibiotic that I was taking because of the H-Pylori stomach infection and ever since then, my gut and tract has been even more irritated and uncomfortable. The GI doctor now thinks I have Crohns and I am going under further testing. I am bloated ALL the time, I am a small person with a big belly. I would like to start fertility treatments but I am afraid to start until I get this stomach in order! I would love to hear your suggestions, thank you!

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