The Truth About Organic Eggs

December 7, 2017



When it comes to food we all want the best, the safest and most nutritious food on our table, especially for our children. So, for many of us look for “Organic” on our food labels.
However, some big corporate producers are choosing to compromise even the sacred “Organic” label for higher profits.

A Shocking Truth about “Industrial-Scale” Egg Production

I came across a very interesting article the other day and I just had to share it with you.
The story is about Organic eggs.
Although marked “Organic”, how can we actually be sure we are buying eggs from healthy and happy free roaming chickens?  The short answer is: we can’t ! Not just by looking at the “Organic” label, anyway.
Here is why: most of the large corporate egg producers utilize so called “industrial-scale egg production method”.

And here is the shocker: this “industrial-scale” method does not require providing hens with access to outside pasture, or any kind of vegetated open space whatsoever.
Moreover, these so called “organic aviaries” are allowed to cram hundreds of thousands of chickens into small buildings, up to 150,000 hens to be exact. So, these chickens never even get to see the light of day.
Do you think those poor, stressed out birds can produce truly healthy and vibrant organic eggs we seek for our families? I don’t think so.

Experience Superior Taste and Quality of Eggs from Small, Organic Producers

There are some smaller organic egg producers that utilize perfectly healthy, humane and truly organic methodologies, including so called “Pasture-based organic” method where “birds are allowed to roam freely. In these situations, chickens can exhibit their natural behaviors, foraging, scratching, and flapping their wings. Additionally, on such pasture hens receive a percentage of their natural diet from fresh grass, earthworms, seeds, and insects.

But the trouble is that the large corporate egg operations now control over 80% of the organic egg market.
However, not to panic!

Organic Egg Scorecard Can Help You to Buy Truly Healthy, Organic Eggs

There is a good news: Cornucopia Institute concluded a two year study and issued a report containing an “Organic Egg Scorecard”.
This extremely useful scorecard allows you check for the safest brands, companies and farmers.
Now, you can pick those that use truly humane, natural and healthy methodologies, and, YES, those do exist ! Also, you will be amazed by what you thought were high quality organic egg producers.

Check out the scorecard and watch the interesting video. Let’s start supporting the true organic producers and farmers.

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