Smart Shopping for Drugs

January 3, 2011

I love a good deal. Who doesn’t? I have just discovered something that pushed me to write a blog post instead of doing my hair and nails for New Year Party. Most of us always compare prices from different stores whatever we buy… clothing, food, electronics, furniture, and even dietary supplements, etc.

We look for best deals. And rightfully so: why overpay for something of the same quality and effectiveness?

Being a naturopathic practitioner, I use mostly herbs and natural supplements but as a trained medical professional I absolutely know that pharmaceuticals have their great value and place.

Case in point: my husband had a dental surgery, and his dentist prescribed him antibiotic, which he had to take for a week. So, I went out to shop for his prescription medication.

Like most of us, I assumed that drug prices are about the same in all major pharmacies. Before purchasing this antibiotic at nearby Walgreens pharmacy, I decided to check prices in Costco pharmacy. I was shocked to learn that you can save a ton of money on antibiotics if you know where to shop.

Then, I decided to compare prices for the most popular medications used by IBD patients. As a result of my price analysis, I understood that it pays to be a smart shopper especially if you must pay cash for your medication, and you do not have health insurance to cover the cost of your drugs.

Just take a look at the table below and judge for yourself. Costco rocks!!!

I wish a Happy and a Super Healthy New Year 2011 to all my readers!!!



Price at


Price at


Azasan              100 mg Tablets 100 $702.69 $399.00
Azulfidine       500 mg Tablets 100 $27.99 $15.00
Colazal              750mg Capsules 30 $40.49 $17.30

250mg caps

100 $229.99 $223

100mg injec.vial

1 $840.99 $767.00


30 $49.49 $44.38

ER 750mg

30 $468.69 $213.00

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