The European IBD Healing System™ Works!

Get Relief from Colitis & Crohn’s in just 7 Days…

Time Tested • 30 years of Medical Research • $250,000+ to Develop

Do you struggle with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease?

Do you feel chained to the toilet, a prisoner to the nearest bathroom?

Do you feel frustrated and hopeless because you continue to experience Colitis or Crohn’s flare-ups…despite your current treatments?

Are you afraid of losing your intestines through invasive surgery?

Internationally Recognized Clinical Nutritionist & Former Patient
Can Help You Reverse IBD (Colitis & Crohn’s).

As featured in the Palm Beach Post: “Holistic Healing Expert now heals others”

Galina Kotlyar MS RD LDN
Holistic Clinical Nutritionist
Licensed & Registered Dietician
Health Professional & Former IBD Patient
Over 20 Years Clinical Experience
Educated in Europe & USA

FREE WEBINAR: How to Heal Colitis & Crohn’s Disease
Discover the shocking truth your doctor doesn’t know…

  • How to quickly stop bleeding, diarrhea & cramps
  • 3 hidden triggers that cause IBD (Colitis & Crohn’s) symptoms
  • How to remedy malnutrition by improving absorption of vitamins & minerals
  • And more never before seen tips and tricks for ultimate IBD Healing

Real Colitis Success Story, from one of Galina’s Patients…

It was two years ago that I came across your site and your program and immediately booked a consultation. Two years later I owe my health to you, Galina, and your program – I feel the best I’ve felt ever, full of energy, at a healthy weight, confident for the future and stable in my health.

Moreover, you have taught me so much that I know will allow me to stay healthy into the future and manage this condition well. After the years I’ve spent researching this condition and how to manage it and the countless hours, days, and months experimenting with different treatments, I made more progress under your program (and your care and guidance) than with anything else.

Your knowledge is second to none, your manner comforting, and your advice and treatment plan spot on! Thank you, Galina!
~ Marc (London, England)

Live Webinar with IBD Expert Galina Kotlyar, MS RD



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