Q & A: Candida Albicans: Often-Overlooked Cause of Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothyroid

August 25, 2009

Q: Adrienne writes:
Dear Galina, I just stumbled upon your website and it is so interesting.  We don’t
officially have colitis here, but we have other issues.  It appears that I have
candida but I do have hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue and some starting
insulin resistance.  My son has vitamin D deficiency, life threatening food
allergies, probably candida and asperger\’s (autism spectrum) and dyspraxia.
He has been casein free for  life and is now gluten free (has been for about 2
years).  He is almost completely off sugar now but I haven\’t thrown him
completely onto the candida diet.  I was looking at the SCD diet simply due to
Natasha Campbell-McBride\’s book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome.  I find your
thoughts very balanced though.  I was thinking that there is too much honey and
fruit on this diet and I was worried since my son can\’t have eggs and most
nuts that this would be too limiting.  And probably too much sugar for 2 persons
w/ candida issues.  Is there anything that you are working on or are familier w/
that could help?  I would appreciate any direction that you can give.  Thank you
so much in advance!

A: Thank you Adrienne for recognizing my balanced thought process! You are asking excellent questions, and your gut instinct is right about SCD diet.

SCD Diet and Yeast Infections

If your disease is the result of a yeast infection, SCD can be harmful because it allows for certain food items (such as honey, cheese and fruit juice) that help yeast Candida growth and therefore support propagation of a fungal infection.

Also, SCD diet allows consumption of diet soft drinks sweetened with saccharin, which may cause cancer. Your diet and supplements should support the growth of good bacteria and discourage Candida overgrowth. I will give detailed instructions on the yeast control diet and supplements in my “Candida Cleanse Manual”.

Endocrine System and Candida

In 1985, Dr. David Feldman presented his research (at Symposium on Yeast-Human Interaction) on how Candida Albicans attaches itself to adrenal steroids causing adrenal insufficiency or as you call it adrenal fatigue.

Also, it is known that Candida can contribute to disruption of the endocrine system causing hypothyroidism (as in your case), thyroiditis, hypoparathyroidism and even diabetes. Therefore, by eliminating Candida albicans, you could normalize your thyroid and adrenal function. So, once again for clarity: we address Candida first, and then thyroid and adrenal problems will be resolved.

Candida Cleanse

To suppress Candida albicans growth, proper yeast free diet should be combined with proper Candida cleanse supplements. The emphasis is on the word proper. But, we are all different. And although people affected by Candida infection may share some common symptoms, individual’s biological profile ultimately determines the effectiveness of the treatment. So, how can you know what is proper for you?

Precision Nutrition

The answer is to do the test to determine what is effective for you. I called it precision nutrition (vs. shot gun approach). Digestive stool analysis can help you to identify what kind of pharmaceuticals and/or natural supplements and herbs you should take in order to eliminate Candida infection in your specific case.

Please be aware that not all the tests are made equal. Testing methodology and human error often cause inaccurate results. I have researched and selected the most reliable test for fungal infection. As a health care professional, I recommend this new state of the art DNA based stool analysis test to my patients to remove the guesswork and to learn THE TRUE REASONS behind Candida infection and other gut related symptoms. Please visit www.metametrix.com to learn more about GI Effects Stool Profile, which evaluates your stool for yeast overgrowth, bacteria, parasites, gut inflammation, digestion, protein, fat malabsorption and much, much more. Most importantly, this test identifies antibiotics and herbs that are particularly effective FOR YOU in eliminating your Candida albicans and other gut infections. Although, I found that there is no such a thing as 100% accurate test, I personally rely on those I have selected to guide the health recovery process of my patients.

Parasites and Candida Connection

Also, parasites tend to coexist with Candida, so Stool Analysis will reveal this valuable information.

I offer this valuable test to my patients/members/subscribers.

To conclude: As you have guessed, you and your son have a complex medical situation. While general recommendations on yeast free diet and supplements may be effective for some less complex cases, there is nothing that can substitute individually tailored advise that would be based on results of your tests and medical history.

I wish you and your son total health and well-being! Your son is very lucky to have such a smart and caring mom!

Good Luck! Galina

2 Responses

  1. Dear Galina,
    My 18 year old son has had UC for about 1 1/2 yrs. He has tried Prednisone, Lialda, and Asacol. His symptoms are not quite under control yet. His doctor wants to put him on Prednisone (30 mg.) right now then wean him off. He also wants him to continue with Asacol. But he also wants him to take mercaptopurine. This drug kills cancer cells but also used for IBD. My son and I have researched this drug. It can cause loss of fertility. When we asked the doctor his opinion on this, he said there was nothing that proves this can happen. My son doesn’t want to take this drug. The doctor said he could try Remicade. This drug can cause cancer & lower the ability of the immune system to fight infections including TB. Some patients have died from these infections. I am really at a loss here. I am angry that the medical establishment doesn’t have a better way of dealing with UC. I know you have/had UC. Please point me in the right direction to help my son deal with this terrible disease!! There has to be a better way to heal the colon. Thank you. Susan

  2. Dear Susan:

    I responded to your e-mail back in August via my personal e-mail. I have received the same e-mail from you again on 11/03/09.
    Now, I am responding to your request via our comment section. I hope, you will read the following information.

    As a former patient myself, I am intimately familiar with a terrible problem of side effects associated with UC medications.
    Just remember that these medications are designed to just manage the symptoms of the disease rather than to address or
    eliminate the underlying cause of the suffering.

    That is why as a medical professional, I have researched, developed, and tested a better way to heal our colon.
    My program (if followed precisely) will help your son to heal his gut once and for all.
    His UC is a complex medical problem, which requires professional attention and care.

    So, I can help your child in two ways:

    1. Either immediately through individualized consultation.
    Here is the link to my consultation page: http://knowyourgut.com/consultation/index.html
    Should you decide to consult with me, purchase the consultation program online, and e-mail
    to me your phone number, so we can schedule initial consultation with you and your son.

    2.Or later this year, my Step by Step Colitis Manual will be published. However, it needs to be noted that we are all biologically different,
    and therefore for serious and chronic cases there is no substitute for personal healing program that would be based on patient’s specific conditions, medical history and tests.
    Whatever you decide to do, know that my heart goes out to you and your boy.

    Best Wishes of Health and Recovery,
    Galina Kotlyar MS, RD

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