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Ozone Therapies – Made in USA

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This Ozone Package includes everything needed for three (3) ozone therapies:
(a) Ozone Insufflations,
(b) Ozonated water production, and
(c) Whole body ozonationItems included in Ozone Package:
1. O3Elite Dual Ozone Generator – with tubing and connectors – 1 pc
Some most important features include:
• Can cover all ozone applications up to 110 ug/ml in strength.
• Universal voltage – usable around the world without the additional costs of step-down transformers.
• Quiet, efficient single ozone cell: Creates ultra pure ozone without the high levels of noise other machines can create.
• Dual ceramic ozone cell: As ultra pure and ozone resistant as glass without the possible burnout. Custom made in the USA.
• Simple Luer lock connections for secure tubing attachment without slips.
• Cold ozone production and low voltage: No heat to degrade ozone output, using very low voltage and cold corona technology.

• Adjustable O3 output: A single control allows for easy adjustments of ozone levels.
• Cleanable cell: Because the cell is cleanable, there are no costly replacements.
• Made in the USA: Every part is made in the United States.
• Lifetime warranty and premier support; just call or email PromoLife for answers (have a serial # ready).
• Low EMF output.

2. Pediatric Low Flow Oxygen Regulator, Model 540 (industrial) – 1 pc

3. Reusable Multi-Chambered Ozone Insufflation Bag – 4 bags

4. Ozone Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo with Ozone Destruct


This set includes:
– 500ml glass bottle
– Luer lock connectors
– 3/16” x 5/16″ tubing & connectors
– Ozone resistant Silicone tubing
– Glass diffuser
– Manganese dioxide ozone destruct material

5. Luer Lock Insufflation Catheters
Total of 30 (thirty) catheters.

6. Ozonated Water Bubbling Straw 12” for Any Container – 1pc

7. Full Body Ozone Bag – 1 pc

Package also includes 5 ft silicone hose for ozone therapy ($15).
The Ozone generators are being manufactured in the US by the Promolife Inc. that covers them with a Life-Time Warranty.
The company has been in the “ozone for health” business for a very long time and has a great track record of superior quality and outstanding customer service.
I use their equipment for myself and my entire family.

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Weight 145.6 oz
Dimensions 17.0 × 15.0 × 12.0 in


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