Poop bacteria in store bought ground turkey.

May 16, 2013

turkey farmNew data from Consumer Reports shows that more than 50% of ground turkey purchased in different stores across 21 USA states contained fecal bacteria.”Some bacteria that end up on ground turkey, including E. coli and staph aureus, can cause not only food poisoning but also urinary, bloodstream and other infections”, concludes Consumer Reports.

The most alarming fact: 257 ground turkey samples contained harmful bacteria. Over 80% of these samples had illness causing organisms which was resistant to powerful antibiotics. If you eat regularly meat that has antibiotics residue, in time you may develop resistance to antibiotics. In other words, if you’ll get sick with bacterial infection, and have to be treated with common antibiotics, you body will simply not respond to the antibiotic treatment, and you can possibly die.

How can you protect yourself against food borne illness while enjoying your turkey burger?

1. Buy turkey that is labeled organic, which means these birds are raised without antibiotics.
2. When I want to make a turkey burger, I buy organic turkey meat, and either grind it myself at home or I ask a butcher to grind it for me in my presence.

Here is a link to this news report: website

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