Natural Remedies for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

December 2, 2013

I have received this e-mail from Nick (one of my readers). He wrote (after using at home my recipe for his bleeding hemorroids): “Within three days of using the enemas my fissures were gone. Swelling went down completely, internal hemorrhoids went away completely and there was no blood in sight when i wiped”.

E-mail from Nick:

I am soooooooo glad i came across this. I had fissures in my anus from a erupted hemerrhoid and cuts from vigorous scratching. Every time I would make a bowl movement burning and itching would occur. GOD WAS IT HELL. Within three days of using the enemas my fissures were gone(its so crazy on how fast the chlorophyll worked). There still were some irritation but it was very minimum. Excuse my language but my ass felt brand new. I also had one external hemorrhoid (not very big) it shrank in size also i felt little hemorrhoids in my anal canal trying to form before trying this. My anus was very swollen due to constant scratching. Swelling went down completely, internal hemorrhoids went away completely and there was no blood in sight when i wiped. Itching persisted but was very and i mean very bearable. Had I continued the remedy I’m sure i would have had no itching whatsoever. I only used the enemas 3x’s. My last time using the enema was 2 days ago from today. I thought I was scott free buuuut I’m beginning to get very irritated again down there. Not sure if this will be a long term fix or a long term chore either way i am so pleased to get relief and i look forward to keeping my relief.

My Answer to Nick:

Hi Nick,

I know first hand that hemorrhoids can be literally pain in the ass: they itch, burn, swell and bleed. I am glad that my remedy works for you as well as it does for many others. The secret is in my recipe: the combination of flaxseed tea with chlorophyll. There is a way to improve on your success by using natural remedies such as Anus Healing Diet and Intestinal Comfort Tea™

1. Anus Healing Diet

Stop eating foods that can irritate your whole digestive system such as coffee, chocolate, beer, wine, hard liquor, fried foods, simple sugars, white flour and sweetened drinks, soda and juice. Start eating foods that have lots of soluble fiber and gut friendly bacteria because these foods have soothing effects on your colon.

Here is a sample menu for someone who suffers with chronic bleeding hemorrhoids:

Breakfast: oatmeal with raisins

Lunch: steamed veggies and baked fish or chicken

Dinner: organic unsweetened yogurt

Snack: peeled raw apple, berries or a ripe banana.

Drink at least 8 cup of good quality water to prevent constipation. Water, soluble fiber and probiotic foods will soften your stool, will reduce anal pressure and will promote regular, pain free, smooth bowel movements.

2. Intestinal Comfort Tea™

Also, you can add Intestinal Comfort Tea™ to your regimen, and see for yourself how your entire digestive tract will feel improved. This 100% certified organic formula can help to reduce rectal inflammation and soothe pain. The main ingredient in this extra strength medicinal tea have been approved by German Commision E (German Federal Health Agency; equivalent to American FDA) for wounds, inflammation and tissue repair. Here is the link to the video on how to prepare Intestinal Comfort Tea™.

Here is the link to the flaxseed/chlorophyll remedy blog post

Here is the link to liquid Chlorophyll, which I used in my recipe.

Important: If you see blood in your stool, do not assume it’s from hemorrhoids. Rectal bleeding can be result of other diseases (ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, colon cancer, proctitis, anal fissures, etc.). Case and point: Two doctors misdiagnosed me with bleeding hemorrhoids. My true diagnoses was Ulcerative Colitis, and bleeding ulcers in my colon caused my rectal bleeding. So, consult multiple doctors to establish the true cause of your rectal bleeding.

Take Good Care of Your Colon,




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  1. I have Hemorrhoids and explosive Diarrhea. I have had this problem for 22 years. I was a model and used to have explosive Diarrhea all the time!

  2. Long standing explosive diarrhea could be a result of many causes for example: IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Celiac disease, parasitic infection, colitis, Chron’s disease, etc. The cause of your diarrhea should be identified following comprehensive evaluation.
    In the meantime to attain some relief you can try Medicinal Clay™. Here is the link:

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