My Favorite Probiotic for the last 22 Years!

June 29, 2012



What probiotic do you recommend that will have the good affects of align but not the bad ingredients???  my dr. just told me it is one of four with the most research done to have the greatest affect on stomach bloat and gas. – My newsletter reader, Lisbeth

Answer by Galina:                                                                                                                           


Research is usually done by a company on its own product. So, I always wonder about the validity of this research. I recommend “NATREN” probiotics to my patients based on my own research and 22 years of clinical experience in my practice working with GI patients.

And here is why…
Not all probiotics are created equal.
Natasha Trenev, President of Natren Inc., was born in Eastern Europe.
Her family, originally from Yugoslavia, was in yogurt culture business for more than 750 years.
Her father started probiotics business by manufacturing liquid acidophilus and “Bulgarian-type” yogurt.

Natasha and her husband, Yordan Trenev, founded Natren Inc in 1983, and it became a leader in producing the most effective probiotics on the market.
They use only super strains (example: DDS-1 and LB-51); all probiotics are bottled in dark glass bottles to block light; all products are refrigerated at all times from manufacture through shipping in special “cold” insulated containers to preserve potency of live probiotic product.

And last but not the least. Natren Inc. was the first company in the probiotic industry to be awarded GMP ( Good manufacturing Practices) Certification by the International Therapeutic Goods Administration as a Drug GMP facility.
Nevertheless, I never believe a claim unless I tried the product myself.
After using over dozen different probiotics on the market over the last 22 years, I was always going back to Natren’s products.

You know why?

1. Because it works for my patients with intestinal dysbiosis.
2. And because it has just good bacteria without anything artificial added.

Important to remember:

1. I prefer a single strain “Natren probiotcs” like Bifido Factor or Megadophillus for example because too many strains can be overwhelming for a patient with sensitive digestive system.

2. Because probiotics are living organisms, always make sure that a probiotic is viable “until the end of shelf life” instead of “at time of manufacturing”.





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  1. Do you know if I can get natren Probiotics inserts? My husband has crohns and has been taking the powder natren but I suspect when it reach the ilium part, the nutrients are all gone. I wanted him to try probiotics egnima but he is not keen. If it is a insert it will be easier and more effective. Do you know if I can make the insert myself with the natren powder? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Cassandra,
    Natren does not have inserts. But you can do insert yourself by mixing up 1 tsp of bifido powder with 5 oz of boiled luke warm water. Stir well. Fill up empty fleet enema,and insert carefully. Do not do at the time of flare.Retention enema with Colon Defense Formula works better at the time of the flare than probiotics. The product will be sold later this summer. I will let my subscribers know about the availability of this product.

  3. Dear Galina,
    where can I buy Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 without all the bad ingredients? The probiotic you recommend above“Natren” does not ( as far as I can see) include Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 ?

    “In a 2009 review of scientific studies on IBS probiotic treatment, Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 showed significant improvement in the composite score for abdominal pain/discomfort, bloating/distention, and/or bowel movement difficulty. Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 has been shown to prevent invasion of the gut lining by one of the bacteria thought to be responsible for inflammatory bowel conditions such as IBS and reduced inflammation in the gut.”

    I would very much like to try said bacterium.
    With Kind Regards, Linda Sabbe

  4. Dear Linda,
    Natren has a product called Life Start – Dairy. It contains the Bifidocaterium infantis. Mix it with water, and drink it on empty stomach.
    I have a special deal for my patients and subscribers. If you buy 4 bottles, 5th bottle is Free.
    For more information, you can subscribe to our Free newsletter at:

  5. Dear Galina,
    I was diagnosed with UC when I was 12yrs old. Received the j-pouch surgery at 17yrs old. I’m 34 now, and have been recently diagnosed with Crohn’s. I’ve lost 30 lbs in 1 month (120 – 90lbs.), and am not able to digest or absorb any nutrients, fats… or anything for that matter… I’ve been juicing and on broths for the past couple of weeks, currently on Prednisone (which I want to taper off from sooner than later), taking Probiotics, vitamins, wild oregano oil… all to no avail. Given that I’m working with the small intestine, and about 5% of my original colon left, how am I to choose which Probiotic would work.

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