Inspirational Story on How a Simple Remedy Helped One Man to Stop his Ulcerative Colitis Flare

November 19, 2019

This story was written by Jane W(a loving wife of UC patient), and published on website on January 23, 2017.

This man is not my patient, and I do not know him personally. He just used ONE remedy published on my blog.

Meet Jane:
I”m Jane, loving wife 🙂 of Greg who is an avid outdoor man. He has just turned 58, but still likes to act 21, which means he breaks things- ribs, calf muscles etc. He is a farmer; in the flower/ flowering plant industry, and is a real handy-man who can fix anything, and it is very hard to slow him down! UC managed to do that though- when he had to be within running distance of the loo, and had no spare energy.
We have 4 adult children, 3 are married, and 3 wonderful little grand-kids, who love their “Pa” and did a great job of cheering him up when he needed a laugh or a hug.

Some more about them:
We live south of Brisbane, Australia, and love to camp in the bush or at the beach, but over the past few years our holidays have been spent in the Solomon Islands doing charity work with the lovely village people who have so little but are so happy. UC put a temporary halt to that.

Her Husband’s Colitis Symptoms:
His current symptoms are GONE, just a little trouble with heartburn, only mild, and only after lunch, no matter what he eats and which we haven’t found a solution for yet.

Good News – From a Wife of a UC’er
Greg has moderate UC pancolitis diagnosed just last June. It is now 1 year since his symptoms started, after a VERY stressful time at work. We tried to do the natural healing way, but made some mistakes, and he lost a lot of weight- it was a too steep learning curve. He ended up in hospital with sepsis and a bad flare, so they put him on antibiotics, Prednizone for 6 weeks and also Mezavant. We got off that as soon as his symptoms were normal, and started back searching for a natural way. He was taking l-glutamine, and lots of other herbs, and a eating a very simple, natural, dairy free and GF mostly vegan vegetarian diet, but after 3 weeks off the meds his bleeding, pains and 5-6 bm a day started again.

We then went to a Naturopath and started on Metagenics probiotics and various herbs. She went searching for other foods that he was reacting to but couldn’t find any. He didn’t get any worse but didn’t get much better either. Then I came across the ‘Know Your Gut” website and found a recipe for a tea made from organic flaxseed and liquid chlorophyll. He drank it 3 times a day 1/2 hr before meals and also did small enema’s (120 mls) with it at night. The very next day he said he felt better (less “raw” in the rectum) and his bleeding and BM slowed down over the next 2 weeks. After 2 1/2 weeks (Christmas Day- what an awesome Christmas present!! Praise God!!) his bleeding stopped and he has been having 2 or sometimes 3 normal BM each day since then. His pains/cramping have also gone now.

We plan to keep up the cloroflax drink for a while. Greg says that he is happy to do it forever, he says it is not that bad (it’s flavoured with spearmint). Hopefully that won’t be necessary! We are still doing the supplements and diet, and are working on getting his digestion improved with herbs. Also working on the stress levels. He is de-stressing by early morning sun-bathing reading a good book!

Here is the link to my original blogpost which describes this recipe:

“Sore anus? Bleeding hemorrhoids? Try Flaxseed tea and Chlorophyll

Galina’s Comments: this is just one recipe from my IBD Recovery Program called Crohn’s and Colitis the Flare Stopper System™. Although, I do not usually recommend my patients to rely on just ONE remedy to stop a flare, this man’s recovery on a single remedy was pretty remarkable. Hope you or somebody in need will try this recipe and share the results with me and others. Stay tuned for future posts on simple and super effective tips on how to stop a flare in Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease.

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