Flu Season is Here!
How to Protect Yourself from the Flu.

November 27, 2013

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You can protect yourself against flu/cold by building a strong immune system, which is your first line of defense against viruses. Here’s what you need to do to boost your immunity and stay healthy this winter.

Eat a few cloves of fresh garlic every day

In Russia garlic is called a poor man’s penicillin because it stimulates natural killer cells and T cell (part of your immune system) which attack viruses. Most commercially manufactured garlic supplements lack the medicinal potency and bio-availability found in fresh garlic.

Therefore, I use and recommend only real fresh (preferably organic) garlic.

Good Night Sleep

A productive and energetic day starts the night before with a deep nourishing sleep. Some studies suggest that one hour of sleep before midnight is equal to two hours of sleep after midnight. So go to bed before midnight, ideally between 9pm-10pm. To ensure a deep regenerative sleep disconnect from all electronic devices (tv, phone, computer, ipad etc) at least two hours prior to bedtime.  You know what they say: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Warning  From the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

“Antibiotics cure bacterial infections, but not viral infections such as colds or flu

In other words the CDC is telling us that antibiotics do kill microorganisms like bacteria and parasites, but they do NOT work against viruses – it quite simple really – viruses are not microorganisms.

Nevertheless, the most commonly prescribed medication during a flu season are antibiotics. We continue to consume antibiotics in huge quantities in our foods from conventionally raised meat, poultry and farm-raised fish, and our water supply. Such massive overuse of antibiotics has resulted in the creation of new mutated drug-resistant  “superbugs” that cannot be killed even with the strongest antibiotics.

Oils of Oregano and Cinnamon are killing infections better than antibiotics.

Modern medical science repeatedly confirmed the incredible healing powers of oregano and cinnamon oils. Here are just a few examples. Two independent medical studies conducted in England have compared blends of Oil of Oregano with eighteen (18) popular antibiotics currently used. The studies demonstrated that the Oregano Oil blend tested was more effective than any man-made antibiotic. The oil blend eliminated even antibiotic-resistant infections such as Staphylococcus bacteria, MRSA and Candida. Another independent medical study conducted in New York hospitals demonstrated that a solution containing essential Cinnamon Oil successfully killed a number of common and hospital-acquired infections, including Streptococcus – one of the most persistent and difficult infections to treat with common antibiotics.

Now,  for the first time in USA from Europe – Extra Strength, 100% Natural Immunity G7 Formula™ in liquid caps.

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Activate your body’s defenses with Immunity G7 Formula™

Immunity G7 Formula™ is a proprietary, extra strength blend of the medicinal grade oil of oregano (Origanum Vulgare) and medicinal grade cinnamon oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum).

Immunity G7 Formula™ is the first 100% Certified Organic Oregano oil supplement certified by ECOCERT- European Organic Certification Organization.

This rare organic oregano is wild grown in the Mediterranean mountains, hand-picked  and gently steam distilled using traditional European techniques (low temperature, low pressure, no chemicals). Immunity G7 Formula™ contains the highest naturally occurring Carvacrol (minimum 80%). It has been demonstrated that concentration of such naturally occurring (contrary to artificially distilled) Carvacrol determines the medicinal effect of Oregano oil.

The cinnamon oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) in G7 Formula is made from premium grade steam distilled cinnamon bark,  free of chemicals and pesticides. The  EUROHEAL® method ensures that this product retains the unique medicinal qualities of the original herbs to fight infections.


Immunity G7 Formula™: incredibly powerful supplement, delivered in cutting-edge liquid capsules that are more pure and potent than any on the market.


– Support a Healthy Immune System

– Support Healthy Intestinal Flora

– Support a Healthy Respiratory System

The Immunity G7 Advantage (you won’t find this anywhere else!):

1) Organic Oregano Oil (Origanum Vulagare)

                 – 100% Certified Organic by ECOCERT (European Organic Certification Agency)

                 – Wild grown in Mediterranean Mountains and hand-picked

                 – The highest levels of naturally occurring Carvacrol (min. 80%)

                 – Gently steam distilled using traditional European techniqes

                  – non-GMO

                 – non-irradiated

2) Cinnamon Oil (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum)

                 – Grown without harmful pesticides or herbicides

                 – Gently steam distilled using traditional European techniques

3) Packaged in Liquid EuroCaps®

EuroCaps® patented european encapsulation technology has a clear advantage over regular soft gel products.

                 – EuroCaps® have a superior oxygen barrier that improves stabilityF

                 – EuroCaps® have significantly higher potency and bioavailability

                 – EuroCaps® are easily digestible with no smell and taste

                 – EuroCaps® are the industry’s Purest Capsule and Safe for people with Sensitive Digestion (NO plasticizers, NO excipients, NO solvents,    NO GMOs, NO yeast, NO sugar, NO preservatives, NO gluten, NO artificial colors or flavors).

                 – EuroCaps® secure sealing technology protects against oxidation, humidification, tampering & leaks

                 – EuroCaps® are sealed with a nitrogen “freshness” bubble to preserve potency of the active organic ingredients


Please Note: Consult your physician before using this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a medical condition, take medications, know or suspect you have an ulcer, gastritis, have an allergy to oregano, cinnamon, soy or if you are under the age of 18.  Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry, cool place, lid tightly closed.

Experience the Benefits of Immunity G7 Formula™ Today at times of

·       Cold & Flu Symptoms (Headache, body aches, Coughing, Chills and Fever)

·       Respiratory Stress and Minor Inflammation

·       Foreign and Domestic Travel

How to Take:

1. During Cold & Flu Symptoms if you experience headache, body aches, coughing , chills, fever and respiratory stress.

Take 1 capsule with meals or snacks 4 times a day during 2 weeks. Take a break for 10 days. Then, take 1 capsule with meals 2 times a day during 3 days.

2. During late fall and winter times as a prevention of cold/flu, bronchitis and pneumonia

Take 1 capsule with meals 2 times a day during 3 weeks. Take a break for 10 days. Then, repeat the cycle again.

3. During foreign or domestic travel to support healthy immunity and to prevent airborne infections.

Start taking Immunity G7 Formula 3 days before your trip 1 capsule 2 times a day with meals, and continue taking it for 10 days.

Usage Direction: Take Immunity G7 Formula™ with meals only. Best with non-acidic, non-carbonated drinks (such as organic soy/rice/almond or cow milk).

Order Immunity G7 Formula™ at www.healingfoodscompany.com

FREE Shipping (only in continental USA) until January 1, 2014. Supply is Limited.

Stay Protected! Stay Strong!

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