Q&A: Fasting While Having a Colitis Flare.

September 6, 2009

Q: i’m skinny and having a uc flare (bloody ‘d).  is it okay to fast then?  what would you recommend?

A: While fasting might be very beneficial during a UC flare-up: it is of a paramount importance to do that with a proper knowledge and understanding. In fact, for most patients a supervision and guidance of a qualified medical professional is a must to avoid unintended serious side effects.

By qualified I mean someone who not only had a personal experience in fasting, but rather a medical professional who has specific experience in fasting for UC patients and who understands how to combine fasting with electrolyte and nutrient replacement to avoid malnutrition.

Best of Health

Galina Kotlyar MS RD

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  1. Is it better to simply juice and take only juices in during the juice fast, or should one add clay, psyllium or some other type of bulk fiber to the diet if they prefer not to do enemas or colonics?

  2. Hi Galina,
    I was looking for juices recipes and I found your site. It came to rescue me.
    I’m 49 years old, married w/o kids. I have UC for over 7 years and I never had a remission. I’ve tried all treatments and meds that you can think of. In my last colonoscopy in May/2011, I found out that I have “low grade dysplasia” in my rectum and all the doctors that I have seen so far, want me to have surgery(colectomy w/ J pouch) . I’m still fighting to keep my colon, the problem is I can’t control my inflamation and in my last colonoscopy(Sept/11), as a surveillance, it was found “indefinite for dysplasia”. There is a doctor in Chicago who said, if I can control my inflamation, he is willing to take care of me, checking me out every 3 months with a colonoscopy and removing only the lesion w/ dysplasia. I’m from Brazil and I moved to the US 10 years ago. I love any kind of fruit or vegetable. Please, I need your help to start the juicing diet, which I think it’s going to heal my colon and stop te rectal bleeding. Best regards!

  3. Hi Rita,
    I would love to help you In your desire to start the juicing diet; however, I must tell you that it take much more than just a juicing diet to heal your colon especially when you have “low grade dysplasia”.
    In my program of Colitis Healing I use numerous natural treatments including various extra strength herbal formulas like Colon Defense Formula, Intestinal Comfort Tea and Medicinal Clay to address intestinal inflammation and dysbiosis. I also use special elemental diet (specially designed by me for patients with UC). Furthermore, I do offer personal consultations: http://knowyourgut.com/consultation/index.html for patients like you.

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