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April 25, 2023

The following is a comment left by one of my readers, Lisa. As she says, she decided to publish her comment with a hope that her husband’s experience with Flare Stopper Book can help others. Lisa’s comment is being presented in full and without any changes (except adding color).

“I’m not one to leave review but If this review can help someone in my husband’s position we will be happy.

Here’s his background:
He was diagnosed at age 19 and is 48 now. Everything was well managed with medication until about 8 months ago when he went from being in full remission with no sign of disease to full pancolitis in what seemed like no time at all. He went from being very active, to his life revolving around his disease. In November he developed an abscess which became a fistula, and they have been unable to repair it to date.

He was hospitalized for 8 days in January and since then has continued to be on a high dose of steroids, and they have have continued to increase in medications. Despite all of this he was still using the bathroom 15-20 times per day many days.

We had purchased the book but it wasn’t until the doctor’s office called last week and recommended hospitalization with potential surgery that he decided he must try the Flare Stopper Diet.

On day 6 of the diet, he is experiencing better bowel movement quality, less cramping and the frequency is starting to decrease.

The prep the first couple of days was challenging but we have gotten into a routine now and he feels he will be able to return to work and stay on the diet. We stick to the recommended drinks but he adjusts the amount (more) of the soups if he is feeling hungry. Most of the time, the recommended amount is exactly what he needs. He really has not felt hungry at all.

We were skeptical but hopeful. So far, it has exceeded our expectations. He plans to stay on it until the three objectives are met.”


Get the Relief You Need from Ulcerative Colitis Flares with a Flare Stopper Diet Plan.

Discover the best foods and tips for managing symptoms of your disease.

The program can help individuals with ulcerative colitis identify triggers that can cause flare ups.Triggers can vary from person to person and can include certain foods, infections, toxins, stress, and other factors. By identifying triggers, individuals can take steps to avoid them and prevent flare-ups. Moreover, if the flare have already started, the Program gives you the tools (diet, remedies, therapies) to stop the flare fast.

2 Responses

  1. Hello my name is Mhamed Reffas from Chicago ,IL
    I diagnosed with ulcerative colitis almost 6 years ago . I tried too many medications from different doctors but nothing helps . I did buy Galina kotlyar book I started the diet this week I’m feeling little better. My question is .can I keep taking my medications (like Rinvq ) with the program or not . Thank you .

  2. Dear Mhamed,
    I am pleased to hear that you are feeling better. I cannot advise you on whether or not to take your medications because I am not a medical doctor. I am a holistic clinical nutritionist, and my area of expertise is dietary modifications for people with various digestive problems. Please consult your doctor.

    Kind Regards,

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