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June 25, 2013

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  1. I bought the book Flare Stopper and researching about Ulcerative Colitis, to help my son who is suffering from this disease.

  2. Hi Lina,
    Let me know about your son’s progress after he will complete the Flare Stopper™ Program.

    Be Well,

  3. Thanks Liliya for writing!
    You can join the Flare Stopper Program by subscribing to
    We are preparing a course for people with IBD who are interested in doing the Flare Stopper Program.
    If you have subscribed to our website, you will get the notification when this course will be available.

    Meanwhile, in order to learn and prepare for the Flare Stopper Program, you can buy the book that describes the program in detail. Here is the amazon link to this book:

    I hope this helps.
    Be Well,

  4. Hi Galina, I am in a flare atm, looking for a way to help control this in the future without using hard meds.

  5. My son was diagnosed with Chron’s and CRMO 5 years ago. We were lucky to have a quick diagnosis, but he has been on medication ever since. He is on Methotrexate and biologic infusions. I am determined to get him off and am so hopeful that we can cure him. This is very overwhelming and terrifying to try and do on my own. He is almost 16 and very active. He plays football and is all about gaining weight through weight lifting and training, so the weight loss will be a tough one for him. Due to the fact that he was diagnosed so quickly and the medication has worked for him, he hasn’t had the suffering many go through to provide that determined push to do whatever it takes.
    I have so many questions and I’m not sure who to talk to (I’m in British Columbia, Canada). My big questions right now is when to do the “flare stopper” program? Do I take him off meds and see what happens from there? Do I just go right into the program and hope to beat a flare up from occurring?

  6. Dear Samantha,

    I know how hard it is for you and for your son to deal with chronic digestive disease like Crohn’s. I applaud your determination to find an ultimate cure for your child. It is indeed quite difficult to navigate when you have so many question regarding your son’s situation. That is why I offer Q&A for people like you to help with many questions you have with the “Flare Stopper Program”. Here is the link if you wish to talk to me:

    Best of Health,

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