Raw Food Diet. 5 Quick Tips on How to Avoid Bloating and Diarrhea.

Q: My Daughters and I have been on a vegan, wheat, glutten, sugar(even fruit) and dairy free diet for just 2 days so far, not 100% Raw but very close. however today we all experience really bad bloating and visiting the rest room too often. any tips on how to ease this discomfort? A: Galina […]

Q&A: How To Use Simple Foods As Natural Cures for Depression

Q: Jacinta writes: I’m new to juicing and am hoping to find the right combination to help aid in anxiety and depression. Any ideas? A:Hello Jacinta! I have some mood lifting ideas for you this winter. Overall, I love winter holidays. This is the time I cherish the most because I spend it with my […]

Q & A: How To Stop Bone Loss

Q: Peter writes: I have had problems with my stomach for years now and find it difficult to absorb calcium. I suffer with Candida and also have a tendency to be over acidic. Pretty much tried everything but I still have problems with bone loss around my teeth and just can’t seem to stop it. […]

Water or Coke?

When I moved to USA in 1979, my drink of choice was Coca-Cola. I was literally addicted to this sweet, bubbly soda. Later after my college graduation with a BS degree in Food, Diet and Nutrition, I worked in New York hospital where my colleague nutritionist gave me an article about water and coke. After […]

Q&A: Fasting While Having a Colitis Flare.

Q: i’m skinny and having a uc flare (bloody ‘d).  is it okay to fast then?  what would you recommend? A: While fasting might be very beneficial during a UC flare-up: it is of a paramount importance to do that with a proper knowledge and understanding. In fact, for most patients a supervision and guidance […]

Patient Beware! What Your Doctor Forgets To Tell You May Save Your Life

Most people hold doctors in high esteem. We look up to them, and even sometimes assume they are infallible. While most doctors do have our best interest in mind, there are dangerous exceptions. A recent study has revealed doctor negligence in regards to their patients’ lab or screening tests. The primary care clinicians and their […]

The Unseen Dangers of Tylenol: What You Must Know

Tylenol – it’s as prevalent and recognizable as anything you put into your body. But what’s not so recognized is that the active ingredient, acetaminophen, can pose serious health risks. Some 56,000 emergency room visits and 26,000 hospitalizations come about every year as a result of an acetaminophen overdose. And an analysis of national mortality […]

Health Hazard: Pesticides Residue in Fruits and Vegetables! Here What You Should Do

So, you’re eating all the right foods, and it shows. You’re at a healthy weight because you eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables every day. That’s great. But there’s a hidden danger that most people don’t ever think about when they purchase their produce: pesticides. Scientists are increasingly in agreement that even small exposure […]

Herbal Supplements 101

Let’s face it. All this talk about herbal medicine and herbal remedies has been a huge topic of conversation for quite a few years. But, with everything from scientific names and standardization to labeling and quality control, all the technical stuff can get a little bit confusing. So we’ve decided to take it back to […]