The Unseen Dangers of Tylenol: What You Must Know

Tylenol – it’s as prevalent and recognizable as anything you put into your body. But what’s not so recognized is that the active ingredient, acetaminophen, can pose serious health risks. Some 56,000 emergency room visits and 26,000 hospitalizations come about every year as a result of an acetaminophen overdose. And an analysis of national mortality […]

Can Ice Cream Cause Ulcers?

Ice Cream. It seems so innocent, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, food manufacturers often add unsavory ingredients that can cause intestinal trouble. One additive to watch out for is carrageenan, which has been linked to ulcers. Unfortunately, it’s extremely common: you can find it in ice cream, hot cocoa, even soymilk.  Here’s the low down. What is […]