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The Ultimate Guide to Calcium Supplements

I had a patient with digestive problems who took pure calcium supplements for 20 years. By the time she was fifty-five years old, she had osteoporosis. She came to me in confusion, “Why did this happen to me? I took those huge calcium pills for two decades!” The reason is: you can takes tons of […]

Water, Water Everywhere – What Kind Should You Drink?

Water. It’s refreshing, and it’s good for you. If you have digestive problems, water especially helps out with the following issues: prevents constipation (regulates bowel movements) prevents dehydration (in case of diarrhea) prevents the formation of kidney stones (which occur often in people with digestive problems) flushes toxins (if you don’t drink enough, these toxins […]

“Natural” Does Not Mean “Safe”

“Natural”. “Alternative”. “Herbal”. Take a walk down the aisle of any health food store, and you’ll see these words everywhere. They make people feel good. They seem so safe. Natural supplements are often cheaper than prescriptions, so it seems reasonable to think that experimenting with them could do no harm. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking […]

Powerful Juice Recipes for 14 Common Ailments

This delicious wheatgrass cocktail is a lean, green healing machine. Fresh squeezed vegetable juice can work miracles in the treatment of any disease.  The raw power of juice builds new healthy tissue, purifies the blood, removes waste from the large intestine, and rejuvenates the endocrine system. (more…)

Best Health Books on… Fasting

Why would anyone want to stop eating? Food can heal, right?  Actually, calorie restriction and periodic fasting have been used as a cure-all for centuries.  When fasting, fat people become skinny, sick people become well, and sluggish people become energetic. At first, I was very skeptical about fasting because I was afraid of being weak […] Your Experts on Digestive Wellness

Are you trying different drugs and treatments and still have flare-ups of your disease? Are you taking multiple supplements, and still feel sick and tired? Are you confused by medical doctors & nutrition “experts” claiming their treatments will bring you optimum health? Our site “Know Your Gut” will give you simple, practical solutions with step-by-step […]