This Hidden Ingredient in Your Medication

If you trying to avoid gluten from all the sources, you MUST know that accidental gluten intake can happen when you are taking certain over-the-counter and prescription medications. Current law does not require labeling of gluten-containing ingredients in drugs. These hidden sources of gluten can be found as part of the inactive ingredients (fillers or […]

Smart Shopping for Drugs

I love a good deal. Who doesn’t? I have just discovered something that pushed me to write a blog post instead of doing my hair and nails for New Year Party. Most of us always compare prices from different stores whatever we buy… clothing, food, electronics, furniture, and even dietary supplements, etc. We look for […]

Natural Birth Control – My Experience

This is a follow up article to “Birth Control & Broken Bones: Are You at Risk?” Conventional Birth Control: Pills & Diaphragms are not for me I have experimented with diaphragm and birth control pills to prevent unwanted pregnancies.  Below you will find a brief overview of my experience with these two methods followed by […]

Birth Control & Broken Bones: Are You at Risk?

Conventional Birth Control pills and injections can prevent pregnancy but at what price? Recent studies have revealed shocking side effects among many popular birth control methods, read below. Important: Those of us with digestive disorders (Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac Disease, IBS, etc) are more prone to poor calcium absorption and bone density loss. The side effects of […]

The Unseen Dangers of Tylenol: What You Must Know

Tylenol – it’s as prevalent and recognizable as anything you put into your body. But what’s not so recognized is that the active ingredient, acetaminophen, can pose serious health risks. Some 56,000 emergency room visits and 26,000 hospitalizations come about every year as a result of an acetaminophen overdose. And an analysis of national mortality […]

Q & A: Stopping Immunosuppresants

Q: Sarah writes: Is there a risk in stopping immunosuppressants all at once? Last week I decided to stop taking my medicine after being on Humira for 6months (Remicade before that for 2 years) and Imuran for 4 years. I am trying now to heal with raw foods and alternative medicine but my family does […]