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Can Ice Cream Cause Ulcers?

Ice Cream. It seems so innocent, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, food manufacturers often add unsavory ingredients that can cause intestinal trouble. One additive to watch out for is carrageenan, which has been linked to ulcers. Unfortunately, it’s extremely common: you can find it in ice cream, hot cocoa, even soymilk.  Here’s the low down. What is […]

Powerful Juice Recipes for 14 Common Ailments

This delicious wheatgrass cocktail is a lean, green healing machine. Fresh squeezed vegetable juice can work miracles in the treatment of any disease.  The raw power of juice builds new healthy tissue, purifies the blood, removes waste from the large intestine, and rejuvenates the endocrine system. (more…)

The Miracle of Juice Fasting for Crohn’s Disease, Colitis, Celiac and IBS

I enjoy a good meal and a glass of red wine as much as the next person – so forgoing those two things has never been very high on my to-do list!  But when you get sick with ulcerative colitis (like I did), you get so desperate, you’ll try anything. (more…)

Best Health Books on… Fasting

Why would anyone want to stop eating? Food can heal, right?  Actually, calorie restriction and periodic fasting have been used as a cure-all for centuries.  When fasting, fat people become skinny, sick people become well, and sluggish people become energetic. At first, I was very skeptical about fasting because I was afraid of being weak […]