Can high fiber diet be a curse or a cure for ulcerative proctitis, colitis and IBS?

November 11, 2011

One of my readers wrote to me the following comment. (I am posting just a part of her comment ).

Lyza writes: I have ulcerative proctitis and arthritis–two seemingly conflicting diseases in the food world when it comes to dietary plans!!!

This was incredibly informative…thanks for sharing. I will explain to you what I have experienced.

Last year, I went cooked vegan. I ate a very high fiber diet and one night, after eating a large amount of beans, I ended up having to go to the emergency room. I continued eating my diet (very high-fiber because I was/am trying to get healthy for another huge health reason), getting sick and lethargic, having bleeding from you know where, and just not having good experiences. I ended up going back to eating the unhealthy vegan diet, where I was able to have semi-normal digestion, but still experienced some symptoms and on top of that, my ARTHRITIS was flaring up like CRAZY from all the inflammatory, easy to digest foods.

Galina answers:

Dear Lyza,

Thank you for sharing your story. Quite often individuals with gut issues like ulcerative proctitis, colitis and IBS  suffer from arthritis as well due to leaky gut syndrome, food intolerances and abnormal intestinal flora. My advise to people who are trying to eat high fiber diet is  ADD HIGH FIBER FOODS TO YOUR DIET SLOWLY  and skip eating huge amount of beans. Too much fiber too soon can result in gas and bloating.

So, how can you eat healthy diet full of fiber without getting sick?

The answer is simple:

  1. Peel your vegetables and make soup. By peeling your veggies and cooking it in water your decrease the amount of insoluble fiber, which makes veggies easy to digest.
  2. And for fruits – peel your fruits and make a smoothie.
  3. And to minimize bean problem– cook them with seaweed and make a bean dip or hummus.

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4 Responses

  1. hello galina
    iam from india. i have ulcerative proctitis from last two year. iam taking mesacol 1200mg and mesacol suppository.
    will i be diagnosed completely from ulcerative protitis?
    what should i take in food so that i can reduce symptom?
    please help me…..

  2. Hi. I have ulcerative colitis and RA. I just began Remicade treatments and am considering having my colon removed in the beginning of the year. I was wondering if you have a juice recommendation that will help my UC as well as one tht may help with my RA?


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