Best Health Books on… Fasting

Why would anyone want to stop eating? Food can heal, right?  Actually, calorie restriction and periodic fasting have been used as a cure-all for centuries.  When fasting, fat people become skinny, sick people become well, and sluggish people become energetic. At first, I was very skeptical about fasting because I was afraid of being weak […] Your Experts on Digestive Wellness

Are you trying different drugs and treatments and still have flare-ups of your disease? Are you taking multiple supplements, and still feel sick and tired? Are you confused by medical doctors & nutrition “experts” claiming their treatments will bring you optimum health? Our site “Know Your Gut” will give you simple, practical solutions with step-by-step […]

Best Health Books on… Detoxification

In The Cure for All Diseases, Dr. Hilda Clark presents a compelling case: that parasites, toxins and pollutants are the three main enemies of modern man. She accurately identifies deadly chemicals in our environment. From our diet (benzene in store-bought drinking water and fruit juice, aflatoxin in commercial bread, chemical solvents in cold cereal); to […]