The Miracle of Juice Fasting for Crohn’s Disease, Colitis, Celiac and IBS

I enjoy a good meal and a glass of red wine as much as the next person – so forgoing those two things has never been very high on my to-do list!  But when you get sick with ulcerative colitis (like I did), you get so desperate, you’ll try anything. (more…)

Ulcerative Colitis: causes, symptoms, diagnoses and treatments

Overview Colitis (also called ulcerative colitis) is associated with bleeding ulcers and inflammation of the mucosa, the inner lining of the colon. The colon also can be called large intestine. Ulcerative colitis occurs in the large intestine. It can start in the rectum (known as ulcerative proctitis), and proliferate gradually throughout the entire colon (known […]

Best Health Book on… Parasites

Parasitic infection is often misdiagnosed as IBS or the flu. Individuals with anemia, allergies, IBS, chronic fatigue syndrome, or immune dysfunction must purchase this book to learn about possible connection of their illness with parasitic infection. Guess What Came to Dinner?: Parasites and Your Health, by Ann Louise Gittleman offers valuable advice on protecting yourself […]

Best Health Books on… Fasting

Why would anyone want to stop eating? Food can heal, right?  Actually, calorie restriction and periodic fasting have been used as a cure-all for centuries.  When fasting, fat people become skinny, sick people become well, and sluggish people become energetic. At first, I was very skeptical about fasting because I was afraid of being weak […] Your Experts on Digestive Wellness

Are you trying different drugs and treatments and still have flare-ups of your disease? Are you taking multiple supplements, and still feel sick and tired? Are you confused by medical doctors & nutrition “experts” claiming their treatments will bring you optimum health? Our site “Know Your Gut” will give you simple, practical solutions with step-by-step […]