Powerful Juice Recipes for 14 Common Ailments

This delicious wheatgrass cocktail is a lean, green healing machine.

Fresh squeezed vegetable juice can work miracles in the treatment of any disease.  The raw power of juice builds new healthy tissue, purifies the blood, removes waste from the large intestine, and rejuvenates the endocrine system.

People with chronic, debilitating disease should undertake first time juice therapy under the care of a qualified medical professional.

Galina’s Money Saving Tip: I usually purchase 10 pounds bag of organic carrots for juicing in Costco. I pay only $6.99 per bag, which is much cheaper than any health food store or farmers market.

Here are some of my favorite, very effective juice recipes:


Recipe: Juice 1 lemon, add to 1 cup of hot water. Drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Explanation: Fresh lemon juice purifies the blood by removing metabolic waste and by changing blood pH from acid to alkaline.


Recipe: Carrot 6 oz + Celery 2 oz + Pineapple 2 oz + Beets 1 oz.

Explanation: Pineapple contains bromelain (enzyme), which is approved by the German government (Commission E) as a treatment for inflammation and swelling of the nose, ear, and sinuses.

In addition to fresh juice, a neti pot can be used as cheap and effective natural tool to relieve sinus allergies.


Recipe: Carrot 6oz + Beet 2 + Celery 2 oz + Lettuce 2oz + Apple 2 oz

Explanation: In Europe, beet juice has been used as a treatment for anemia. It contains iron, folic acid, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and vitamins A & C.


Recipe: Carrot 6 + Celery 3 oz + Pineapple 3 oz + Lemon 1 oz

Explanation: Fresh pineapple contains bromelain (enzyme) which works as a natural anti-inflammatory substance for swollen and painful joints.

German scientists conducted a study comparing arthritis treatments: Bromelain supplements vs. Diclofenac (Voltaren, a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medication).  Bromelain was as effective in reducing pain and inflammation as the medication, but without harmful side effects.

Source: Clinical Drug Investigation 2000; 19(1):15-23 KleinG, Kullich W. Short-term treatment of painful osteoarthritis of the knee with oral enzymes.

Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Recipe: Carrot 8 oz. + 4 cloves of garlic

Explanation: Researchers at The University of Alabama proved that eating garlic lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Allicin compound and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in garlic are responsible for relaxing blood vessels thereby improving blood flow in the arteries.

Source: G. Benavides Proceedings of the National Academy of Science,


Recipe: Pomegranate 6 oz  + diluted with 2 oz of water and

Explanation: Pomegranate has more anti-oxidants than both green tea and red wine. Researchers at The UCLA Center for Human Nutrition demonstrated that pomegranate juice can suppress the growth of prostate cancer cells due to ellagitannins – shown to have super anti-inflammatory powers.

Source: Cancer Letter 2008 Oct 8; 269(2):262-8

Recipe: Carrot 4 oz + Cabbage 4 oz + Beets 2 oz

Explanation: A 2005 study from the American Association for Cancer Research suggests that cabbage decreases cell mutation and DNA damage due to cabbage’s anti-carcinogenic compound – glucosinolates. The results of the study indicated that Polish-born women who ate 4 servings or more of cabbage a week were 72% less likely to develop breast cancer than Polish women who ate one serving a week or no cabbage at all.

Celiac Disease

Recipe: Carrot 4 oz + Kale 2 oz + Aloe (fresh) 1oz

Explanation: Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., conducted a 10 patient study using aloe vera juice. He reports that aloe “promotes great gastrointestinal comfort and improves digestion/absorption”.

Source: Journal of Alternative Medicine, 1985

Cold, Fever and Flu

Recipe: Carrot 4oz + Orange 4 oz, + Lemon 1oz + 4 cloves of garlic

Explanation: Carrots, orange and lemon are great sources of natural form of vitamin C. Garlic is well known as nature’s antibiotic. A garlic supplement study using 146 people was conducted in United Kingdom. After 12 weeks, scientists concluded that garlic can prevent the common cold and aid in faster recovery.

Source: Advances in Therapy 2001 Jul-Aug; 18(4): 189-93

During Cold & Flu Symptoms if you experience headache, body aches, coughing , chills, fever and respiratory stress: take 1 capsule of  extra strength Immunity G7 Formula™  with meals or snacks 4 times a day during 2 weeks. Take a break for 10 days. Then, take 1 capsule with meals 2 times a day during 3 days.

Colitis, Crohn’s Disease and IBS

Recipe: Carrot 6 oz + Cabbage 4 oz
Recipe: Carrot 6 oz  + Wheat grass juice 2 oz

Explanation: Wheat grass juice removes toxins and harmful bacteria from colon. According to the late Dr. Ann Wigmore “wheat grass chlorophyll is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and oxygen. It has been used to treat peptic ulcer and ulcerative colitis.”

Source: The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program by Ann Wigmore

Scientists studied 23 patients with active ulcerative colitis. Patients were divided into 2 groups: one group consumed from 20 ml (2/3 of an ounce) to 100ml (3.5 ounces) of fresh wheat grass juice for 30 days, and the other consumed a placebo. 19 patients completed the study. Patients who drank wheat grass juice has less rectal bleeding/abdominal pain, and more vitality.

Source: Townsend letter for Doctors and Patients. Aug-Sept, 2002 by A.R.Gaby. Wheat grass juice for ulcerative colitis. Literature Review.


Recipe: Soak 1 cup of prunes in 3 cups of water overnight. In the morning, drink 8 oz of the prune water on empty stomach. (can use glass bottled, organic)

Explanation: Prune juice promotes regular bowel movements, prevents constipation, and contains iron, which is great for people who are anemic or do not have enough iron in their system. Prunes are also much safer than over the counter laxatives. One laxative drug, Oxyphenisatin, is known to cause liver damage. Why not use the alternative? More than 50 years ago, 3 researchers at the St. Louis Harrower Laboratory made an analysis of prunes. They found a substance similar to Oxyphenisatin. So, enjoy your prunes, prune water, and prune juice while having regular stools. It will keep your liver and colon happy.

Source: Harvard Health Letter, June 1991 by Stephen E. Goldfinger. Prunes and constipation.

Cystic Fibrosis

Recipe: 5 Carrots + ½ cup of fresh cubed pineapple + 1 lemon + 5 cloves of garlic


Peel carrots, lemon and garlic. Juice all and drink  right away.

Explanation: This juice effectively dissolves mucus, kills bacteria, improves body’s resistance to lung and sinus infections.  Also, fresh pineapple is high in enzyme bromelain, which can literally digest not only protein but also old, sickly cells. This juice can help CS patients to thin and expel thick, nasty mucus thereby reducing the frequency of lung and sinus infections and constant need for antibiotics.


Recipe: Bitter Melon 3oz + Celery 2 oz + Lettuce 3 oz

Explanation: Bitter melon is a vegetable widely used in Chinese cooking and medicine. I first tasted bitter melon stir-fried over white rice in a small Chinese restaurant in New York. It tasted very bitter and pungent. I would be lying if I said I like the taste! But, I enjoyed the rush of energy and the feeling of well-being after eating half of my bitter melon dish.

Scientists from The Garvan Institute of Medical Research isolated 4 compounds from the juice of bitter melon which can lower blood sugar in diabetic patients. Those compounds activate an enzyme which is responsible for glucose transport into the muscle cells. In the future, scientists will try to develop a diabetes medication out of bitter melon juice. However, why wait for bitter melon medication? Take the matter into your own hands, and start drinking bitter melon juice now!

Source: Garvan Institute of Medical Research (March 27, 2008). A Ton of Bitter Melon Produces Sweet Results for Diabetes. Science Daily.

September 2013: Great News for People with Diabetes!

If you cannot find fresh bitter melon, now you have an option to substitute fresh bitter melon juice with herbal tea containing certified organic bitter melon. This medicinal tea is called Healthy Blood Sugar. In addition to bitter melon it has 5 other powerful organic herbs, which can help to lower blood sugar and maintain healthy insulin levels.

Brew 3 servings of tea all at once in a special glass insert vacuum insulated thermos. Drink 3 cups daily: 15 minutes before breakfast, 15 minutes before lunch, and at bedtime. Here is the link for the Healthy Blood Sugar Tea™ and a special brewing thermos
Healthy Blood Sugar Tea™ is an integral part of Diabetes Healing System™, designed to support blood sugar stability and reduce sugar cravings in people with Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-diabetes and Obesity. Here is the link to Diabetes Healing System™ Guide

Kidney Stones

Recipe: Cranberry Juice 4 oz + Water 4 oz (3 times daily) and

Explanation: Researchers from The University of Cape Town investigated the effect of cranberry juice on kidney stone formation. The first 10 participants drank 500 ml (1/2 liter) cranberry juice diluted with 1500 ml (1.5 liter) water for 2 weeks while the other 10 participants drank only 2 liters of water. At the end of the study scientists concluded that daily drinking of cranberry juice significantly decreases the formation of kidney stones (especially calcium oxalate).

Prostate (enlarged or inflamed)

Recipe: Pomegranate 8oz

Explanation: Researchers from the Jonsson Cancer Center tested 50 men who had undergone treatment for prostate cancer, but whose cancer was still progressing. Drinking 8oz of pomgranate juice a day slowed the progression of cancer almost four-fold in 80% of the men. The researchers speculate that the results are a cause of the combination of antioxidants, polyphenols, and isoflavones found in pomegranate juice. Drinking the juice may also delay or counter the need for hormonal therapy, which can be very stressful to the body.

Source: Pantuck, A.J. Clinical Cancer Research, July 1, 2006; pp 4018-4026. News release, Jonsson Cancer Center.

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  1. Hi, I would like to know and learn more about juicing for the sake of healing I have arthritis and am trying to get relief for the pain

  2. Hello there, Rona!

    You’re on the right track. Fresh juices are very effective for natural arthritis healing. However, they are not the whole story. I can give you general recommendations:

    Eat high-sulfur foods (garlic, onions, asparagus), as sulfur improves calcium absorption. Eat green leafy vegetables – they supply vitamin K. And of course, fresh pineapple (not canned) has bromelain, which reduces inflammation.

    Avoid caffeine, citrus, milk, dairy, sugar, and red meat. These make your body acidic, which contributes to further inflammation. Avoid nightshade vegetables (potatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes) – they contain solanine which has been associated with arthritis.

    Additional therapies I recommend include hydrotherapy and castor oil packs.

    Remember: this is just a general outline. Healing arthritis is a multi-faceted system. I would need a whole health profile from the patient, including things like type of arthritis, what kind of medication they are on, other health problems.

    I’ve had patients with arthritis in the past, and the custom programs I created for them were very successful. If you want more specifics, check out the consultation page.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Hi thanks for you acne juice therapy,But for how long should it bne taken ?And after how many minutes or hours should you take breakfast after taking the lemon juice?

  4. Hi Jacinta!
    I am glad that acne juice therapy is working for you. You can drink lemon water as long as it does not upset your stomach. Wait at least 20 minutes before having breakfast. Please use straw while drinking lemon water to avoid damage to your teeth enamel. It is very refreshing drink for hot summer days!
    Good Luck!

  5. Hi, I tried your juice recipe for bitter melon and it worked wonderfully. My sugar went all the way down. It was like a miracle, cause I was trying to get it down without taking extra medication than what I’m taking already. The only thing I don’t know is how often should I take it, I do not want to overdose myself. I know if I do, it might have some sort of negative action on me. Please inform me on this matter. Again, thank you very much for that miracle recipe. Hoping to hear from you soon.


  6. Hi Jacinta,

    I’m new to juicing and am hoping to find the right combination to help aid in anxiety and depression. Any ideas?

  7. Oops! Sorry, meant to say Galina!

  8. My daughter has cystic fibrosis and I’m looking for alternative therapies to help releive symptoms. I’ve heard juicing is beneficial. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

  9. Hi thanks for the juice therapy. I am nose cancer survival. Please advice any special juice therapy to suppress the cancer or to control it not to recur again.



  10. Dear Penny,

    You are asking an excellent question. I will answer your that via our Q&A blog post.

  11. Hello!
    My 12 year old daughter has costo-chondritis and also has had an appendectomy recently, followed by unknown abdominal pain. The doc says x-ray shows stool in 3 quadrants of the colon. We have been doing Miralax and high fiber diet with 40 – 60 oz fluids (lots of lemon water, some Gatoraid and cranberry juice. She’s been coughing since Thanksgiving too. Next step is seeing a anesthesiologist for pain management. Any suggestions would be helpful. She’s been in pain every day for 8 weeks. I’ve got my juicer out of storage and am ready to go.
    Thank you so much.

  12. I Penny, I am also interesting in a mixture for anxiety. Please help!

  13. Dear Penny,

    You are not alone. More than 19 million Americans suffer from some type of anxiety disorder.
    One of the best natural herbal mixtures for anxiety I know of is herbal mix called: “Anxiety Relief”.
    It is very old herbal formula, which is used in Europe to reduce stress, anxiety and improve mood.
    It is safe and non-addictive.
    The cost for “Anxiety Relief Tea”: $24 for 1 bag; $22 for 2 bags.
    Please contact me at knowyourgut@gmail.com if you wish to order.

    P.S. Also, in addition to herbs, you can try relaxation exercises including abdominal breathing and meditation.

  14. Hi Galina,

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful juicing recipe. I have been having acne skin and frequent breakout if I consumed something ‘heaty’ like ginseng chicken soup or potato chips. Would like to try your recommendation on lemon juice. Do you think can I consume beetroot juice or aloe vera juice throughout the day?

  15. I have had colits (ulcerative colitis) since 5. Now 31. I am interested in juicing…what else can you tell me about juicing for UC? How about pomegranate juice? Is that good or Acai Berry juice?

    please let me know via email.

    thank you.


  16. Pls my father is diabetic . Pls can you help to highlighting me on the good home remedies for him and the good foods for him to get releifed.

    Thank you.

  17. My daughter has cystic fibrosis and I’ve heard that juicing is beneficial. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

  18. Hi Galina, I have bacteria, inflammation of the intestines, and can only digest very low carbs and proteins. I have juiced daily for years and am a great believer in foods. I just cannot get past the indigestion pain and bloating, been working with probiotics and gut-flora from med/herbs. I too am overly underweight and would like to try the juice fasting, problem is I cannot do carrots or beets due to their higher carbs, as I get great pain. I show anti bodies against milk/soy. What do you suggest for a juice combination

  19. Hi Galina,
    I been having trouble with skin allergies,hair loosing and puffies eyes, headaques with my pms. what can I do and it would be?

  20. Dear Gina,
    Your general symptoms of hair loss, puffed eyes and skin allergies can be caused by anything from overactive thyroid to lupus, diabetes, medications for heart disease, antidepressants, birth control pills and even too much of vitamin A. See a doctor ASAP.

  21. I have ulcerative colitis.. what kind of juice do you recommend when I have it under control and what to take when I’m having flare ups?

    Please advise.

  22. I love to juice.. it is easy to digest and so nourishing.
    Clean up takes minutes!

  23. Dear John,
    I am writing an e-book which will give you instructions on what to do during flare ups. This e-book will be free for our subscribers to knowyourgut newsletter. You can subscribe to this free newsletter on our home page.

  24. Dear Glory,
    I would recommend for your diabetic father an herbal combination used in “Diabetes Relief Tea”. This tea effectively lowers blood sugar. Please contact me via e-mail if you are interested.

  25. interested in diabetic tea

  26. Angela,
    I’ve received a lot of inquires about the “Diabetes Relief Tea”. Stay tuned for a blog post about the benefits of the tea and how to order.

  27. Hi Galina,
    I am going through a heavy mensus past 1 year. Doc says I having cyst, endometryosis and a 4 cm fybroid. He prescribe me hormon (dydrogestrone 10mg, vit c, b and zinc) tablets. After reading your blog I am thinking of
    going into juicing. What do you suggest for a juice combination. Thanking you

  28. You are loosing a lot of blood through your heavy menstrual period. You will need a blood building vegetable juice like combination of carrots, beets and parsley.

  29. Hi Gwen! What type of allergy do you have? Please be more specific in your requests.

  30. I was diagnosed w/ kidney cancer (by accident) in August ’10” and had my kidney taken out Sept ’10’ I want to get into juicing. I have lost 40 lbs and need to lose 80 more. I have diabetes and take blood pressure meds. Can you suggest receipes for a kidney-heart healthy juicing drink? I have to watch sodium & sugar closely. They tell me I am cancer free & I want to keep it that way if at all possible!

  31. Dear Judy, I am happy to hear that you are cancer free now, and that you are interested in trying raw juicing to improve your health.
    I designed the following recipe for you taking in consideration your high blood pressure, diabetes and history of kidney cancer.

    Recipe for Judy: Carrot Juice 2oz. + Cabbage Juice 4oz. + 4 cloves of garlic

    Explanation and References: Researchers at The University of Alabama proved that eating garlic lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Allicin compound and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in garlic are responsible for relaxing blood vessels thereby improving blood flow in the arteries.
    Source: G. Benavides Proceedings of the National Academy of Science
    Explanation: A 2005 study from the American Association for Cancer Research suggests that cabbage decreases cell mutation and DNA damage due to cabbage’s anti-carcinogenic compound – glucosinolates.

    Also, I would recommend you to try Diabetes Relief Tea. This tea is a blend of organically grown herbs clinically proven to reduce blood glucose, to promote weight loss and to stimulate insulin production in patients with diabetes. Be well! Galina

  32. Hello Galina. Just found your site today and found it very useful – I am currently over weight and would like to know what juices could help in anyway while cutting out and cutting back on all my consumptions.

    Is there a minimun or maximum of days that juices should be taken for ?

    Many thanks – please don’t ever stop this wonderful work.

  33. Thanks Diana for your heart warming comment and your recognition that my work is wonderful. Now, here is my answer to your question: the best way to incorporate juices for weight loss is to drink it on a daily basis. Eat a hearty breakfast, healthy lunch and for dinner have a glass of fresh vegetable juice (use a combination of tomato and cucumber) with a handful of nuts for healthy fats and some protein. Stay away from fruit juice (too much fructose). I would also recommend organic herbal tea “Weight Loss Tea” to burn fat and boost your metabolism.

  34. Hi there, Galina!

    I have a 6 year old son who has a bit of a bowel movement problem. He only goes every couple of days and when he does, the movements are HUGE for a kid his size! And by huge I mean the size, not the volume–I think they’re huge because they sorta build up over a number of days. I’ve tried miralax, prune juice and orange juice mixed together and heated, digestive enzymes for kids, and natural laxative pills for kids. The doctor says he’s fine and keeps referring me back to Miralax. Can you recommend a kid-tasty juice/smoothie he can drink maybe 1-2 times daily that can at least get him to go once a day? Thanks so much and blessings to you!

  35. Forgot to add that I also give him an adult probiotic chewable every morning. Thanks!

  36. Hi Danielle,
    You gut feeling is right: your son has a problem with severe constipation, which must be addressed ASAP. There is an underlying reason to why: “He only goes every couple of days”. At present, you are addressing his symptoms (by giving him laxative pills, probiotics and digestive enzymes) without understanding the cause of his problem. He needs to be evaluated by a healthcare professional for candida, parasites, and sluggish gallbladder and possibly other reasons for his severe constipation at such a young age. I cannot recommend anything without knowing his full medical history.

  37. Hi Galina,

    Thank you so much for your feedback! Significant medical history for my 6 year old is that he has Poland’s Syndrome on his R side and brachsyndactly on that same side. Specialists all say it was a random birth defect. He is an otherwise normal, healthy, rambunctious, super-intelligent 6 year old! He has a great appetite and gets a good deal of exercise. Any additional thoughts? Thanks!

  38. Hi Galina,
    I just stumbled upon this website, I love all the helpful advice you are sharing with others! I saw an infomercial the other night on tv about a powerful antioxidant drink called Nopalea that is supposed to give you energy and cure aches and pain. I would love to know if you have a recipe for a good antioxidant drink with ingredients I can find at my local supermarket that I can make myself, I really can’t afford the Nopalea. I recently had a baby and my energy level and back pain is just aweful. Thanks again, love love love your website!!

  39. timothy moore May 22, 2011 at 11:52 am

    Hi I’m just starting juicing and have highblood pressher and inflamation. what is a good juice blend. please help me.

  40. Dear Melanie,
    First of all, my congrats on your baby. Children require lots of energy and attention from their mothers. Here is my recommendation for a quick pick-me up juice recipe, which will give you so much needed extra boost of blood building vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Note: stay away from fresh fruit juice (both fresh and bottles); fruit juice contains a lot of fructose which converts much faster to fat than than glucose or sucrose. Than means that it is better for you to eat a whole orange(has fiber) than drinking a cup of orange juice.
    Green juices have tremendous cleansing and therapeutic effects on your liver, kidney and digestive system.
    Green Juice Energy Boost Recipe:
    3 stalks of celery and 2 carrots
    1 small peeled green apple
    1 small peeled lemon
    1/2 bunch of parsley
    3 cloves of garlic

  41. When juicing the lemon for the acne treatment, should I squeeze the lemon juice into a cup of hot water or juice the entire lemon in a blender?

  42. Hello Michelle,
    Just squeeze the lemon juice into a cup of hot water. It’s that simple. For a faster effect try drinking few cups of water with lemon during the day.

  43. Dear Galina,
    Was in a MVA in late 2009 leaving me with neck, lumbar and both rotator cuff pain. Since the wreck I’ve been on several different pain medications, all contained acetaminophen and taking various muscle relaxers. the meds are only taken at bedtime.
    During a department physical last year a blood test showed increased liver enzymes, was blamed on the acetaminophen.
    My new pain management doc ordered a recent blood test due to my compaint of upper right quadrant pain. Results again showed increased liver enzymes.

    The doc advised it could be the meds but also a form of hepatitis so he changed my percoset to non-acetaminophen last week. Will re-test in a month.

    What vegetables can I juices to help repair my liver? I have a juice machine ready and waiting for use.

    Thank you,
    Volunteer Fire Fighter

  44. This information is great! We’ve been juicing for about a year and it’s been a wonderful experience for the mind and body. I have Simple Partial Epilepsy. My seizures are typically a short black out or shouting spell when I am asleep or awake. They not the typical ones many are used to seeing). Do you know of any good juicing recipes for those with Epilepsy. My meds are controlling it but I would love to get it lowered and get to more natural living. My vision is suffering and possibly other organs will over time. Thanks for your help!

  45. What would be a good juice for diabetic patient with colon cancer??

  46. Jasmina,
    I have a Perfect Juice Recipe for you: a combination of wheatgrass, cabbage, and string beans.
    Wheatgrass believed to have cancer fighting properties due to abscisic acid, which can fight inflammation and support immune system.
    Cabbage has natural compounds which can disrupt growth of cancer cells according to UK scientists in Institute of Food Research.
    String Beans contain a natural insulin like compound (1 ounce of string juice is enough for 1 portion).
    For more information subscribe to our FREE newsletter at http://www.knowyourgut.com
    Be Well,

  47. Hi Von,
    I do not know of any particular juice recipe for Epilepsy. However, I read some russian studies indicating that supervised water fasting can bring relief to some patients suffering from epilepsy.
    For more information subscribe to our FREE newsletter at https://knowyourgut.com
    Keep on juicing and eat organic whole foods. Treat your body with love and respect.

  48. Hello Volunteer Fire Fighter:
    The best juice to rebuild your liver cells can be made from red beets. But better yet, eat the whole beets because fiber in red beets can detoxify your intestines and liver plus beets can build your blood by reducing overall acidity. Combine at least 2 oz of beet juice with 4 oz of carrot juice and 1 oz of celery juice. Also, add some milk thistle herb to repair your liver cells further.
    Be Well,

  49. Hi Galina,

    Just wondering if you there is a juicing recipe to help with sinus issues? Thanks.

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